Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Teaching News Now

Currently enjoying the post of Head of Music at Uffculme School in Devon having spent 4 years from 2009-2012 as Head of Music and Head of Faculty for The Performing Arts at the Taunton Academy. being head of the arts was a brilliant experience but I missed just concentrating on teaching music hence my move to Uffuclme. It is always exciting, as a teacher, thinking back to those who have inspired you during your training years and one lady who was instrumental in my teaching was Caryl Roese or Mrs R to us. An incredible lady who was always hugely passionate about her music and teaching and would always have the time to explain something to us should we ask. Mrs R was always there should we need her adn was always there to tell us off shoild we need it. Even at 30 years of age, I would always dread it when she called me Weston and told me she wanted to speak with me in her office. That was not a good side. But, what the lady did for education was incredible. The number of music students she took under her wing and supported over the years to become excellent teachers must run into thousands and with that wonderful Welsh accent of hers that more often than not would break into song, she was a lady, a scholar, a inspiration and most of all now, a friend who steered so mnay of us down the incredible path of helping us become what we are today. I will never forget her taking me to one side and saying, "Huw bach, toy and that girl you are friendly with could be trouble you know. Be careful". Three years later at our wedding, Mrs R told me that occasionally, she gets it wrong. A true legend who was a true inspiration in my teaching. Thanks Mrs Rxx

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